Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Master believes I have an exhibitionist bent and he is probably right.  I’ve read where people get off on exhibitionism because the risk of getting caught is a thrill and adds to the thrill.  For me, the risk of getting caught actually negatively impacts my turn-on.  I become completely focused on what’s going on around me and I can’t think of anything let alone being aroused.  However, I do like the thrill of doing something naughty in a calculated and safe situation.  From my blog last summer, you may recall Master commanded me to strip on the beach for an after-dark stroll.   I enjoyed that and was certainly titillated by the experience up until a truck came out onto the beach and I had to struggle to retrieve my dress from Master and get it back on before an embarrassing situation occurred.

This year, at the beach, Master upped the ante.  We stayed at a beach house with a balcony off the Master bedroom.  The back of the house was closer to the beach than the surrounding houses such that you could be on the balcony and not be seen by anyone unless they were on the beach.  Master has been threatening to tie me up outside in an exposed manner to quite some time.  Every house we stay in, he comments on the balcony if there is one.  He sends me tons of pictures of subs in compromising bondage locations.  On this trip, he made good on his threat.  Master had me strip and then he tied me to a chair on that balcony – wrists to the arms of the chair and ankles to the chair legs.  It was pretty breezy and cold, so ever thoughtful, Master put a blanket around my back and shoulders to block the wind.  Aside from being cold (at least until the real fun began), I certainly felt naughty.

Once I was secure, Master got the camera out to immortalize the moment – no I won’t be posting any of the shots, especially the ones with my pussy fully bared for the camera.  Incidently, I’d never seen a picture of myself quite that way before.  With the pre-scene activities out of the way, Master brought out two of my favorite toys – my new wand and a thick dildo.  While I started to squirm in anticipation about where this scene was going, Master painfully (exquisitely so) twisted my nipples and fondled by very exposed and accessible pussy.  By this point, I no longer minded the sub-60 degree temperature. 

At some point in the past, I shared with Master, that my very best muscle-wrenching, mind-blowing orgasms happen with a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation.  If one way or the other is good, both together must be better, right?  Since then, Master uses that technique fairly often (I know, lucky girl, am I).  That is exactly what he did this time with me tied to a chair on the exposed balcony of our beach house.  The orgasm built and built and then went on and on forever.  When it was finally over, I couldn’t even walk.  Master untied me, rubbed my ankles and wrists and then half carried me to bed where he promptly got naked himself, climbed into bed and held me while I wept from the sheer joy, physical exertion, and mental release of the experience. 

I know most, if not all, of my girlfriends and family would not understand any of this and maybe some of you reading this blog won’t get it either, but the type of relationship I have with my husband who is also my Master is very satisfying.  It completes me plus I get to have knock your socks off orgasms.  I don’t think a sub could get any luckier.

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