Monday, December 2, 2013

My Master's First Wife

My husband (and Master) has had two wives. What? Those of you who have been reading my blog are probably shocked at this revelation. I know when he started talking about me as his second wife, I thought he was joking. Peter and I have been married for nearly 25 years and there has never been any mention of me being his second wife.

But one day, he started saying things like, “My first wife would never do …”, or, “My first wife wouldn’t let me do …”, or, “My first wife didn’t like to …”. WTF?

Needless to say, I was more than a little curious about this first wife. From his comments, I began to get an image of Peter’s first wife as an unpleasant, moody, sexually-repressed, shrew. As he continued to fill in the blanks, he told me she was nearly 100 pounds overweight, wore size 22 old lady clothes and granny panties. She apparently didn’t want to have sex very often and when she did, it was on her terms and almost exclusively vanilla, never kinky or adventurous. Wife number one didn’t treat him with the respect a husband, let alone a Master, deserves. She argued about everything and second guessed him at every turn. Peter told me she spent lots of money without consulting him first. And she didn’t have much energy for the outdoor activities Peter really enjoys like kayaking and hiking.

I began to ask Master more questions about wife number one. 

Did she call you Master or Sir like I do?
Did she kneel and ask for your permission to get into bed like I do?
Would she go out in public without panties or let you feel her up in public like I do?
Did she embrace her sexuality by wearing thongs, garters, and skimpy bras like I do?
Do you think she would have given you control of ALL her orgasms like I have?
Would she ask to give you a blow job, demanding nothing in return for herself?
Would she ever let you tie her up, spank her, and use kinky toys on her?
Did she request and get sexually excited by breath play or knife play like I love to?

After my many incessant questions, Peter looked at me and said, “You know, Pet, you were my first wife for almost 25 years and now you are my second wife."

Ok, in truth, I picked up pretty quickly what Master was up to. We have each only ever been married once and that was to each other. However, the difference between these two wives is that startling. I look different, I feel different, and I act different since becoming my husband’s submissive wife nearly 8 months ago. I now weigh nearly 80 pounds less with just a few more left to go. I feel quite sexy which is completely novel to me. I no longer feel inferior when seeing pictures of sexy women, I now see them as examples or ideas of things I could do. I am having the time of my life in the bedroom (and out in public). I am content, less stressed, and happy at a very deep level. I told Master yesterday that if I were any happier, it would be disgusting. I think Peter would echo these sentiments, but maybe we should try to get him to be a guest blogger and give his full thoughts on how our M/s relationship has affected him. 

I am proud to be my Master’s pet, sub, slut, and second wife.

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  1. Hi Pamela,

    This is the first time I've ever been to your blog, but I'm glad I stumbled on it. Wow - I love this! And I can really relate...I was a 'first wife' and now the 'second wife' too.



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