Thursday, July 25, 2013

Uh Oh! What's he going to do with that?

She whimpered as he dragged the edge of the knife along her nipple. Tethered, spread-eagle in the doorway, she could see everything as she watched Master in the mirror in front of them. He had just finished cutting and ripping her clothes off with a 6-inch hunting knife. Gagged, she couldn't even scream. She wanted to watch, but at the same time she just wanted to close her eyes and pretend she was somewhere else. She felt her fear grow as the knife lay against her throat.  When he moved the knife between her legs she automatically jerked her body to escape, but her bonds held her fast. Even in fear, she moaned as he caressed her clit with the cold steel.

Sounds like the start of a really good erotic novel, doesn't it? Well that was the scene in our bedroom the night before last. Master created a scarily believable knife-play scene for me. I truly felt the fear. He said later he could see fear in my eyes, something he had never seen before. I trust my Master 100%, or at least I thought I did until he was standing in front of me with a knife, slashing my clothing, and drawing the blade across my naked, sensitive parts.  I may be a little deranged, but it was really hot. 

Master instructed me earlier in the evening to put on something “I did not care about” and get ready to play. I guess I was expecting to have my clothing ripped from my body – sounded exciting to me. I couldn't have been more shocked when he brought the knife out after I was bound. He had me positioned right in front of the mirror so not only could I feel everything, but I could see it all happening too. It was all too easy to imagine it was real. I was thinking "what if his hand slips" – he could actually hurt me! I was very relieved when he laid the knife on the counter and moved onto good old-fashioned dildo and vibrator between my legs. I will say the resulting orgasm from fear-induced endorphins was pretty amazing.

Master did show me later how the knife had been intentionally dulled and my clothes were more ripped by his hands than cut with the knife. Phew!

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  1. Yea...Knives are my weakness. If I had to name a favorite implement, it would definitely be knives...


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