Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Not Gonna Lie, That Brazilian Wax Did Hurt!

I was offline last week for an out-of-town Vanillacation with relatives. Upon our return home Master surprised me with an  appointment to get my first Brazilian Wax. This definitely falls into the category of limit stretching for me. Truth be told, I secretly wanted to get one but would never have done so on my own.  Master is oh so good at zeroing in on this sort of thing, knowing just when to provide just the right opportunities.

All day long, with the appointment looming, I kept trying to come up with ways to get out of it. I was nervous about how much pain I'd have to endure, my modesty as a stranger who didn't even attend Med School approached my most private parts dripping hot wax, and the unknowns of just what happens during the waxing process. I wondered if the place would be clean and tidy? What would I talk to the technician about? Would we even talk at all? What if somebody I know sees me there? It didn't help that Master kept texting me inappropriate female on female images.

When we pulled up to the salon, I was wondering what people seeing me walking in would be thinking.  “Hey! She's getting all her hair waxed off!.”  Ok, so maybe I worry a bit much about what others think. 
My appointment was for a Full Brazilian (front to back with no landing strip).  So how was it?  Well it did hurt. Especially the area closest to my pussy lips.  I have been assured that next time it will hurt less (yes, I will do it again in a few weeks).  The technician had to tell me to be still at one point because I about came off the table.  The position with your legs bent and apart is a little humiliating.  However, I was surprised that I wasn’t more embarrassed having a complete stranger paste hot wax on and then remove it from my privates. And yes, the wax is hot! The most embarrassing part was when she did my backsides.  I had to lay on my stomach and reach behind to spread my ass cheeks for her.  I kept thinking about how much Master would enjoy seeing me in such a compromising position with another female!
As soon as it was over the pain was already a distant memory. And I was really glad I went through with it.  I had a new experience that pushed my limits, which always makes me feel strong.  And Master was very proud of me. When we got home Master performed his inspection and was quite happy with the results, commenting that you can't get those results with a razor. I was amazed myself at how smooth everything was.  Master really liked the new sensation of rubbing his cock up against my pussy and my ass without getting poked by stubble.

So if you have been thinking of getting a Brazilian Wax but keep putting it off, go for it! Brazilian Waxing receives the Master/sub seal of approval.

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