Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Subspace Communications

I continue to be curious about this altered state called subspace. (I was going to say fascinated, but that’s not really the right word.)  I wonder if it’s similar to the concept of multiple orgasms – people have to take your word for whether or not it happened. It’s easy to fake but it could also be real.  You just don’t know until you experience it yourself.   If you can’t attain subspace is it because it’s not real, or you don’t recognize it, or maybe you personally for whatever reason can’t get achieve it?

After I mentioned in a previous blog that I was curious, Master, ever helpful, provided some links for me to research.  It was very useful at least in terms of providing guidance. For example: 
  1. Some reference it only with a high level of pain while others say it is more about deep submissiveness.
  2. The pain threshold can be achieved with many different tools (hand, flogger, cane, even a wooden spoon).
  3. Many body parts are  suitable for inflicting the pain – but it is considered bad form to exclude buttocks as a hard limit.
  4. Good communication is essential.
  5. Lots of aftercare is absolutely essential.
  6. Negotiate the ground rules thoughtfully well in advance.
I also found good descriptions of what subspace feels like: flying, on drugs when you’re not, out of body experience, and like a continuous orgasm.  That last bit is intriguing to say the least. The guidance on how to achieve subspace mostly centered around severe pain that causes an endorphin flood that yields the desired results.

I don’t have a lot of experience so far with pain for pleasure.  Master and I have only dabbled in this a tiny bit.  I don’t know if I’m enough of a masochist to allow Master to punish me to that extent. Furthermore, I don’t know if Master has the sadist stomach to administer that much pain.  I’m probably more enthusiastic about this than he is.  But I will say I’m still curious and I expect that sometime soon there will be a post from me on how our attempt at achieving subspace turned out.

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  1. For me, subspace is definitely a state of mind that can be brought about by varying levels of pain, my mental state before we start play etc...

    S has got me "subby" as I call it, through very gentle but prolonged cycles of pleasure and pain - although I'm a masochist to a degree, he's not a sadist so we explore pain as a route to pleasure, never inflicting pain for pain's sake. It certainly doesn't have to involve major pain in order to happen.

    I tend to get very relaxed, or a bit spaced out. Occasionally I get very giggly, but I think S finds that frustrating!



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