Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spanking Positions

A couple weeks ago Master had me pick my own spanking implement, a paddle. Yesterday Master texted me a dozen or so pictures of various spanking positions and told me to rate the ones I liked best and explain why, focusing on effective delivery and reinforcement of my submission.

There were traditional positions like bent over a Master's lap, face down on a bed, or bent over a piece of furniture. Some had an arm held behind the back by Master. A few had hands bound while in others the recipient had to keep their arms and hands positioned a particular way. Some actually had special bondage spanking furniture with the sub fully and deliciously immobilized.

But there were also some rather interesting positions like the one with the Master seated, the sub upside down between his legs, with her legs around his torso, and her ass right where it needed to be -  perfect for spanking. And others like this one that required the dexterity of a gymnist or circus performer. But I'm not fond of these positions. I like the ones that are not too hard to hold, you can breathe easily, the blood doesn't all run to your head, and you can fully focus on the spanking without unnecessary distraction.

Master also included some erotic spanking positions that combined spanking with Hitachi wands, vibrators, dildos, and oher toys. And there was one where the sub was positioned with Master's cock in her mouth as she was spanked. Hot! But Master's texts said these erotic spanking positions would not be used for maintanance or disciplinary spankings. Darn.

I must be a little daft to be helping Master spank me better?

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