Saturday, June 1, 2013

Naked Under the Stars

One of the aspects of our D/s relationship that appeals to Master is stretching my boundaries and having me do things that secretly I'd like to do but feel are not things nice girls would do.

Master knows I have an exhibitionist streak that I've never acted on.  This week we are on vacation at the beach.  The evening before last, Master and I went for a beach walk.  He told me to remove my bra and unbutton the top three buttons on my blouse.  With my bra in my back pocket,  we completed the walk.  The ocean breeze felt so decadent caressing my bare breasts.

The next night, we went for our walk once it was completely dark.  Master had warned me he was going to tell me to remove all my clothes this time.  Oh my, this is not something I would have even discussed just a couple weeks ago and now I found myself strategizing on what I could wear to make it easier.

I opted for a sundress and no panties or bra to start.  Once on the beach, I slipped the dress off and there I was completely naked under the stars.  I felt wild and free, a little nervous, thrilled with the opportunity to submit to my Master, and very much alive.

As we walked, there suddenly were approaching headlights coming down the beach (this was not a deserted beach and had occassional pedestrian and 4wd traffic).  I grabbed my dress from Master and struggled to get it on. But it was inside out and I couldn't find the arm holes! As I tried desperately to get my dress on,  I was cowering behind a laughing Master, trying to stay out of the headlights.  I figured my skin would reflect the lights like the moon - no pun intended.  I felt so many emotions in those seconds - fear, embarrassment, humor, frustration, urgency, humiliation to name a few.  I do have to admit the humor was only after I got my dress back on.

I'm thankful to my Master for pushing my limits and allowing me to experience a deep-seated desire.   Just some of the many benefits of a D/s relationship.

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