Friday, June 7, 2013

My Anklet Revisited

Back in April I blogged about my newest piece of jewelry, an eternity anklet from Master symbolizing my eternal submission.  At that time I wrote that I had many reservations about wearing this anklet out in public, to work, and around family and friends.  Well, that was six weeks ago and I have not taken it off for a single moment.

Today I was reflecting on how I feel about the anklet and I realized I've come a long way.  Six weeks ago I didn't want to wear a dress to work or wear shorts outside as the weather got warmer, for fear someone would notice it, recognize what it was, or ask about it.  Now I do so without a second thought. I even wore a dress to my youngest’s graduation from a Christian middle school.  I am still very much aware of it around my ankle, but I don’t fret about what people will think when they see it.  

I've only had two comments about it and they both came from women I exercise with.  One thought it was some sort of monitor for a Nintendo Wii exercise program.  The comment from my other friend really cracked me up.  She thought it was a court-ordered GPS offender tracking system and wanted to know what I did to get it!  We had a lot of fun joking about me not being able to go more than 10 miles from home.   However, I did not tell either of them that it is a symbol of my submission to my Master/husband.  I simply explained that it is an anklet my husband bought for me and is kind of like a wedding band, symbolizing our eternal love.

Of course Master thought the tracking device comment was hysterical. Especially since he originally said my anklet looked like it came from a prison supply catalog!

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  1. Yes around the neck is even more daring I got mine one that could be perceived as jewelry or fashion since it was cloth/leather/jeweled and I got her to wear it in Church once which kept me hard all day! Good for you on your emancipation from what "other people think" it's so intrinsic to this lifestyle!


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