Monday, June 24, 2013

Master's Diet - An Update

Shortly after becoming Master's submissive I wrote that I hoped to leverage my submission to lose weight and keep it off.  At that time I had already lost 10 pounds and was really excited about the prospects of losing even more.  Well, this is an update on my progress and I am thrilled (and so is Master) to report that I've lost 25 pounds in the 7 weeks I've been on the Master's Diet.  Being submissive with my eating habits tickles that spot inside me that sighs with pleasure when I follow Master's rules and subject myself to his control.  It's been by far the easiest and most enjoyable diet I've ever been on.  (Did I really say enjoyable? Yes I did!) This from someone who has tried them all.

I know some of you want to know what kind of crazy diet this is, this Master's Diet (at least my Master's diet anyway). Master says when you add it up all diets follow the same formula. Reduce calories consumed, increase calories burned, lose weight. So his diet focuses on calories consumed and calories burned, not on specific types of food to eat or avoid. I can pick and choose whatever I want to eat as long as I stay under my daily calorie limit.

Each week Master gives me a spreadsheet that contains columns for recording each day  my weight, my food journal with calories consumed, my water intake, my exercise, and whether or not I took my vitamins.  There are certain requirements I must meet daily or weekly.  For instance, Master specifies how much weight I am to lose that week, how many calories I can have each day (mostly in the 1200-1250 per day range so far), how much water I must drink each day, and how many times and minutes I must exercise each week.  He also specifies how many drinks other than water that I can have each week (this is both a dietary and budgetary constraint, two topics of great interest to Master).  

I update the spreadsheet daily and send to Master for review and adjustment as required. There are rewards for meeting my diet goals such as earning Free Anytime Orgasm cards (we call them FAOs) which allow me to choose a time and place to receive an orgasm beyond any orgasms I might receive through Master's generosity. I can also suggest how I'd like to receive my orgasm but that is treated only as a suggestion by Master (don't want Pet to forget her place). There are also punishments including spankings and loss of FAO cards for falling short of my goal, not meeting my water requirements, going over the daily calorie limits, not exercising enough, or inaccurately capturing my calories consumed.

I've received several of these precious FAO cards over the past few weeks and have enjoyed the fruits of my success in some amazing ways.  Though I've not gotten spanked yet as a diet punishment that is about to change tonight.  Master has already said that I will get 16 swats tonight because I missed my weight goal by .4 pounds, went over my total calorie limit for the week by 121 calories, missed my water intake requirement a couple days, and ate some foods for which I could not accurately estimate calories.  This is the first time in 7 weeks I missed my diet goal so I'll have to let you know later how sore my bottom is. But even in this "bad" week I still lost 2.8 pounds!

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