Sunday, June 2, 2013

Left to My Own Devices

During our recent beach vacation, Master orchestrated a play session that left me to my own devices, literally.  He told me to pick two items from the toy bag to give myself an orgasm while he watched.  The only hitch was that he would control when I got to climax.

Feeling a little embarrassed - I don't know why after everything we have done to each other, I selected a large rubber dildo and of course the Hitachi Wand.

I started by applying some lube to the dildo using the same types of strokes I use to rub pre-cum on Master's cock - rubbing around the head and down the shaft, varying the pressure and stroke length.  This was for Master's benefit.

Once the dildo was nice and slippery, I inserted it slowly into my pussy.  Mmmmm, the friction felt so nice as I moved it in and out.  This definitely got me revving.  Next I added some clit stimulation from the wand.  This brought me to the edge of climax very quickly, but Master was no where near ready for the fun to be over.  He said "keep yourself on the edge, but don't cum".   At this point it started to get very difficult.  He also told me to "keep your eyes open and look at me".  Uhh, that's nearly impossible.  My eyes kept trying to close.  What a struggle in and of its self without the added problem of trying not to cum before I was allowed.  At one point, I thought, "what's the big deal, just cum if you need to".  But my desire to please Master won out.  I know I was looking at Master with the most desperate, pleading expression.

Finally,  he said, "Cum for me, Pet".  Oh yeah! 

Sometimes when Master gives me a really powerful orgasm along with a whopping emotional release, I will cry and sob when it's over, but I've never had that happen after masturbating.  So I was surprised when I felt a flood of emotional overload and I began to sob.  Master makes even masturbation more fun. And he said sometime soon he will see me masturbate to multiple orgasms. Hmmm.


  1. Welcome to blogland!

    There is something about them wanting to watch everything! lol Sounds like a good time was had by you both!


  2. I've read about being able to cum on command, by the sheer effect of his voice, and thought it was horse pucky....until once when Daddy was deployed and he made me over the phone! It still amazes me that all he needs do is speak.

    Thank you for sharing that, I thought I was the only one who cried when I felt that incredible soul connection with him. I'm glad I'm not alone :)



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