Thursday, June 6, 2013

Adventures In Subspace

Last night in Subspace Communications I blogged about my desire to both understand and experience subspace. I didn't have to wait long to try again which is a good thing because I hate to wait...  Speaking of waiting... Not that long ago Master went on a brief trip out of the country after sneaking several erotic BDSM novels onto my Kindle. On his departure he provided strict instructions including reading a minimum of 30 minutes a day, while naked and uncovered in bed. But I was not permitted to masturbate or cum under any circumstance.  I obeyed, though barely and with great difficulty. This was made worse because some of the books were really quite good so I read well beyond my required 30 minutes each night. after thinking smutty thoughts 24x7 for 4 days without satisfying myself, I was a frustrated horny mess by the time he got home. So, I definitely hate to wait, even more after that.  But I digress.

So we were paying bills last night right after I uploaded my blog on “Subspace Communications”. We unexpectedly found ourselves without kids so I was sitting naked at Master's feet while writing checks.  When we finished Master said, “Let’s play”.   We have a workout area in our house with weights and an adjustable sit up bench. Master bound me to the bench on my back and then started using a riding crop on my breasts.  It really hurt.  Without warning, the tears started.  Like a good Master (because we've done our research) he asked if I was okay.  I said, “I think so”.  He continued using the crop on my breasts and my clit.  This was definitely the most intense pain that he has administered so far. At one point I was asking myself why is he doing this to me? The tears and sobbing were enough that my nose clogged and Master had to help me blow it (embarrassing, but necessary since I couldn't do it myself bound as I was).

Next, he set up the Hitachi Wand to provide stimulation right where it needed to without having to hold it.  I was bound very tight restricting all but the slightest movement so the wand stayed in place right where he put it.  Then he inserted a large dildo with a handle into my pussy.  I was still feeling emotional from the crop but was also beginning to enjoy the pleasure.  Then Master stood over my head, straddling the bench, and shoved his cock into my mouth.  I thought, “Now we’re getting somewhere”.  I love to give Master head.   While I was slurping and sucking on Master’s cock, he continued sliding the dildo in and out of my cunt, while the wand vibrated away.  This was all pretty intense!  But I was also still feeling pain from the cropping and still must have been sobbing because my nose was still clogged. I couldn't breathe all that well through my nose and Master’s cock was doing a good job of filling my mouth.  I think I may have gotten to experience some breath play along with everything else.

Soon a long orgasm overcame me. But Master didn't stop there.  He left the wand on my hypersensitive clit and continued pumping the dildo in and out throughout and after my orgasm.  If you've ever had the wand put on your clit post-orgasm you know how intense it can be.  I've been known to bend and break restraints trying to get away from the over-stimulation.  However, last night Master had me so securely bound that there was no escaping "the wand".  I don’t know if I had another orgasm or not, but it was so over the top and I was so overloaded with sensations that I started to feel strange and nauseated.  Maybe more trance-like than out of body. Master finally stopped and I immediately started sobbing like I've never sobbed before. And I couldn't stop. Master released me and held me tight while I held him tight. All I wanted was to hold and be held. It was 30 minutes before I quit sobbing and felt stable enough to stand up.  We went straight to bed where Master held me and I held him for another 30 minutes before we went to sleep.  

I don’t know if this was subspace or not. But it was certainly something I have never experienced before.  I realized afterwards that it never even occurred to me safeword out or even say “yellow” at some point, especially while being cropped. Maybe I should have.  I've read where other subs have had this happen - they forget all about safewords and focus on endure with no thought of escape.

This morning Master said I still had a kind of a far away look in my eyes.  But I also had a big smile on my face that lasted all day so maybe it wasn't so bad last night after all.  I’m surprised no one asked me what I have been up to that has me so happy.  Boy would they have been surprised. Incidentally, Master got some great photos of the proceedings from our in-home security cameras. Hot, hot, hot! But he won't let me post them.

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  1. You are both learning the hard way no punishment should start out that intense when both are so new to the experience. I always used the stick and carrot...mixing vibrators on her clit, pussy, ass, while punishing her with floggers, nipple clamps, riding crops, hot's an exotic cocktail and while the tears and aftercare were never something we got to; I'm not sure it would have worked for us; always keep a safe word in play and an experienced Master would check in with you through many techniques and talking is only one of them as sometimes speech can break the "Subspace Trance" of a scene.


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