Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why Do I Blog

Master Must Be Obeyed

Master gave me a new requirement today - actually he gave it a while ago and I haven't been doing it, so he issued a reminder and a warning.  - Uh Oh!

He demands the following:

1. pet must capture at least 3 "random thoughts" throughout the day (but more are okay!). These could include things like recalling a prior scene, something you read that aroused you, something Master did that was worth mention, a website you visited that was especially interesting, an image you had of a scene you would like to experience, recognition of a BDSM individual in public (for example collar or jewelry), diet progress or challenges, etc.

2. pet must journal all orgasms within 24 hours with details of how it was delivered and how enjoyable it was.

3. pet must journal all punishments within 24 hours with details of why, how, and what she felt or learned from it.

4. pet must post at least 5 longer journal entries per week on topics of her choice or Master's insistence. It is expected these would be detailed and thoughtful, of interest not only to Master but others in a submissive life style.

Master must be obeyed. 

Play Time

Last night, I asked Master for an orgasm.  I've been working very hard on my Master's diet.  He agreed that I might be deserving of a reward.  We had taken a bath earlier in our Jacuzzi tub.  During the bath, Master periodically slide a finger in and out of my cunt.  The friction felt so good and I was primed for more action.

Yesterday, a new wand came in the mail.  It has a softer head and a more subtle vibration with more speeds than the Hitachi.  It also has the capability of adding an electrical buzzing sensation.  Since this was the new toy in the chest, Master selected it.    Master told me to get in position 5 (on back with legs spread wide and arms relaxed at my sides).  He proceeded to use the wand on my clit.  It felt good, but it wasn't enough to get me there, so he added some finger fucking.  That got me closer to the edge, but I couldn't get up and over - Master actually likes this when I'm stimulated, but not enough to orgasm (I'm not quite as fond of it).  Finally in frustration, I begged Master to get something stronger, so he got the Hitachi out and a dildo.  Now, we were gonna get somewhere.  The dildo pumping in and out of my cunt and the Hitachi vibrating my clit were doing the job quite nicely.  It felt awesome - I just wanted to stay right there forever.  Finally, I couldn't wait any more, but I did remember to ask before I came.  Master said it was ok, and I busted through the barriers and went right over the edge.  Awesome!

Random Thoughts

1. We went to dinner with another couple that we've known for many years.  Given how non-vanilla my sex life has become, I can't help but wonder if others that I would never expect are just as kinky.

2.  Can't think of any thoughts for two and three - hope I don't get in trouble......

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