Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vanilla is a Flavor Too

There are so many things to try as you delve into BDSM - bondage, toys, erotic punishment, role playing, and any number of variations and combinations of the above.  Master and I have expanded our sex life in some really exciting and satisfying ways.

The night before last, I came home from work and laid down with Master for a few minutes.  He'd been particularly diligent about sending me erotic pictures all day long and I was pretty jacked already when he started some deep kissing and fondling.  Next thing I knew he was mounting me and we had vanilla sex (missionary position to boot) for the first time in ages.  It was awesome.  The connection you can get from sharing simple, straightforward intercourse is one of those mysteries...

I'm not at all interested in foregoing all our kinky practices, but vanilla is a pretty good flavor too.


  1. yes not always kink but it dose have it place

  2. I had this exact same experience recently and blogged about it too. We're so used to the kink, that when the vanilla happened it was a nice surprise to use, and that we both enjoyed it so much. I just couldn't cope with too much vanilla!


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