Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UnderGarments Make the Sub

One day right after I accepted my submission to Master, I received a text message from him telling me to go into the bathroom, take off my panties and put them in my purse until I got home at the end of the day.  This was the first command that required my obedience, so with a mix of excitement and nerves, I did as I was told.  For the rest of the afternoon, I walked around with no panties between my dress pants and my bare ass.  It felt very unfamiliar and I kept wondering if anyone could tell.

Later that evening, Master asked for the panties from my purse.  When he saw them, he smiled at my obedience and then told me we needed to go buy some sexier panties.  I guess granny panties are not what the well-heeled sub wears.  So, next stop, Victoria’s Secret where Master helped me select several new sexy bras and as they say in the romance novels – some little scraps of lace that pass as panties.  When we got home, he told me to go through all my current bras and panties and throw them away.  Now my lingerie drawer only holds pretty, sexy, and skimpy items.

For the next couple of mornings, Master wanted to see which bra and panties I picked, then came a morning where he was up and out of the house before I was dressed.  After I got to work, I received a text from Master telling me to go into the bathroom and take and send a picture of my bra and panties so he could see what I was wearing.  I felt a little ridiculous in the bathroom taking pictures of my underwear but Master must be obeyed.  I had to wait until the person in the next stall left so they wouldn't hear the shutter noise from the camera.

One of the bras is a red front-closure, padded bra that creates lots of cleavage.  I wore it today with a black low-cut shell and a cardigan sweater.  Master kept staring at my breasts and he said I looked great.   That does a lot for a girl when she’s been married for a while and her husband can’t take his eyes off her tits.   I’m liking my new undergarments a LOT!

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  1. You are the dream of many men and I attempted this in my marriage but only past the midway point and for 12 years every month we progressed but sadly I did not demand the servitude your Master has with you. But still I took a pollyanna school teacher/choir member and flipped her into at least a part time "HouseWifeSexSlavePIG"....branded her back with a slave tattoo and even took her to a Dominatrix for further training and pressing of limits! Good for you my dear...very good!


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