Friday, May 3, 2013

The Hitachi Magic Wand

Ah, the Hitachi Magic Wand...

I was first introduced to the Hitachi Wand in a video my husband (before he became my Master) showed me of a female bound to a chair with her legs secured in a spread position.  Her companion is teasing her with the wand as she progresses from sitting calmly, to aroused, to orgasmic, and finally to overload as she struggles futilely to escape the wand's stimulation.  As I watched the video, I told Peter, "she is faking it - no one could move like that, make those sounds from a simple vibrator."

Not long after that my husband got me my own Hitachi Wand.  Peter thought it would be great fun to show me that the video was for real.   With me secured to the bed - hands bound over my head and legs apart with a spreader bar, he gently rubbed the wand over my clit.  At first he did it very lightly.  It felt magical in deed.  As I started moaning and moving my hips,  Peter increased the pressure slightly.  Soon, I was thrusting against the wand, extremely aroused and close to a super-charged orgasm. 

I've always been adamant that once I climax, I don't want any additional stimulation - I believed further attention actually takes away from the recent orgasm.  Obviously, this meant I considered myself incapable of multiple orgasms. 

This time though, Peter completely disregarded my preference and kept the wand securely in place through my orgasm and beyond.  The sensation was so intense that I thrashed and screamed.  It was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Peter removed the wand and gave me a minute to compose myself and then he put the wand back against my hyper-sensitive clit.   I immediately started feeling heightened arousal, building pleasure as my cunt started to contract and every muscle in my body tensed.  But I didn't orgasm right away.  I just stayed on the edge for what seemed like forever straining to go the rest of the way.  I rocked against the wand, arched my back and moaned.  Finally, Peter tipped me over the top and I had my first ever multiple orgasm.   But he didn't stop there, he gave me about 30 seconds before he reapplied the wand again.  I started the whole experience all over again and had yet a third orgasm.  At this point, Peter finally stopped which is a good thing because I think this would have gone on and on and I was already exhausted.  When he finally unbound me, I was like a limp rag.  I couldn't even lift my arms or roll over by myself.

After that experience, I have a different opinion of that video and I have a very favorable opinion of my Hitachi Magic Wand.

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