Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Thoughts - Relationship

I was a little cranky yesterday which I realize is probably not allowed any more in my new submissive state, hormones aside.  I tried to tone it down was not completely success.  Needless to say, Master noticed.  I met him for lunch and while we were eating he asked if I wanted to end our Master/sub arrangement.  He said I didn't seem as happy as I've appeared over the last couple of weeks.   I wanted to cry.  I love our arrangement.  It’s made such a positive change in my life and in our relationship.  I don’t want to back out; I actually want to go even further.  Please, Master, don’t ever think like that again.  I’m not always at my best and I’m still new to taming my shrewish tongue.  I will be a better sub.  I promise.

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