Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Thoughts - Diet, Pain

1.        Something I’ve been pondering is should Master be more strict with me on my diet plan.  I’ve followed my Master’s Diet pretty closely for the last two weeks, but not 100%.  I missed a day of exercise last week – only got in four session, instead of the required five.  A couple days, I was a little short on my water intake.   In the other weight loss related blogs I’ve read, the Masters are very strict.  Even minor slip ups like mine yield punishments.  I’m not begging for a punishment, but I do wonder if by not treating each slip seriously, is Master letting me get away with disobedience that could continue to expand to the detriment of my weight loss.  Hmmmm, guess that’s for Master to decide.

2.       I’d like to respectfulluy ask that Master more closely couple pleasure and pain in our play sessions.  I’d like to experience these two sensations at the same time.  Like being spanked while I’m being fucked, or twisting my nipples as I begin to cum, etc.  Of course, Master is always in charge and can decide to completely ignore this comment.

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