Monday, May 27, 2013


I've been looking forward to this vacation for months.  Beach, relaxation, afternoon naps, sleeping in, and late nights indulging in kinky D/s play. When we go on vacation we always bring a bag of toys including restraints, dildos, vibrators, and other implements of debauchery.   I usually don't know what Master has chosen to include in the bag so it's full of surprises.

All day long Master had been promising me he would make me beg - that I would so be saying "Please Master, may I cum".  Finally last night Master cuffs my hands together and ties them to the headboard of the king-sized bed at our beach rental house.  I do enjoy the feeling of helplessness that comes over me in that position, making me wet almost instantly.  Next he attaches my feet to the spreader bar and then attaches the bar to the bed frame.  Helpless and horny.

Master then adds a blindfold to my predicament. Everything is different with a blindfold on and I can only guess what's coming. Helpless, horny, and blind. Master starts with the feather, occassionally mixing it up with the crop and flogger. All familiar (and mostly pleasant) sensations. Then I hear the ben wa balls clanking together.   Is that what we're gonna do?  I feel Master inserting something in my eager pussy, but I can't be sure what it is - all I know is that it feels incredibly good as he slides it in and out, but it isn't the ben wa balls. 

The in and out continues when suddenly I hear the Hitachi wand buzz to life followed by an intense onslaught of clitoral stimulation.  I nearly explode on the spot, but Master backs the wand just off my clit and sys not yet.  Once I quit panting and trembling, he reapplies the wand.  Within a half second I am begging again - "Please, Please, Please!" But Master is not in a merciful mood tonight. He wants to hear me really beg with sincerity and desperation.  He keeps on teasing me while my cries for release became more earnest, at least what can be heard of them as I chew on the pillow case to keep from losing control. And beg I do!  Finally comes that wonderful phrase, "Cum, Pet".  I instantly and completely come apart.  Not once but twice in rapid succession.  I've had multple orgasms before but never two so close together. And then, just as I think I am done, I have yet another orgasm! Three orgasms in rapid succession from the girl who not very long ago believed she was absolutely incapable of multiple orgasms.

Once I come back down to planet Earth,  Master shows me the toy.  It is a wand attachment that has a small dildo (Master says the head of the dildo kinda looks like Homer Simpson's profile  - tee hee) and a very wicked clit stimulator with nubbies and a soft point in just the right place. He turns on the wand and shows just me how fast and wildly these parts vibrate.  No wonder I nearly bit a hole through the pillow case!

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