Friday, May 31, 2013

Pain and Pleasure

Last night, I got what I asked for -  pain and pleasure.  Recently I asked Master to bring both sensations together.  I wanted to experience the blurring of the two so I wouldn't be able to tell one from the other.

With the Ben Wa balls  balls in my pussy, and the Hitachi Magic Wand at my clit,  Master worked me over until I was moaning and greedy for satisfaction.  Then he told me to roll onto my stomach.  With the wand on the bed where I could rub my hungry clit against it, and the Ben Wa balls still inside and vibrating from the wand, I continued my surge toward orgasmic release.  As I got really close I pleaded with Master for my orgasm but all I got back was "Not yet, Pet".

Then Master finally said, "Cum Pet when you feel the paddle on your ass." Wait? Paddle? What paddle? A short time later Master started striking my bare ass with the paddle.  Ouch!  With each stroke, I lost my rhythm and had to refocus on the just-out-of-reach ogasm.  After about 6 connections between paddle and cheeks, I started thinking "I need to hurry up and cum - this paddling is really starting to hurt and Master's not going to stop until after my orgasm!"  With renewed single-mindedness, I earned my orgasm within the next 4 strokes and the paddling continued until the orgasm was complete and I collapsed limp on the bed.

In my experience,  orgasms that I really have to work for are truly the best.  I don't know if I got the pleasure/pain sensations tangled up or not, but I did get a ferocious climax and a very pink butt.  Master said that is the hardest he's ever paddled me (punishment for acting a bit witchy/bitchy earlier in the day) so maybe the pain did mingle with the pleasure afterall. My ass sure did continue to sting for quite awhile, though so did the lingering contented smile.

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