Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Master's Diet

A week ago, I posted on the possibilities of involving my Master in my weight loss strategy.   This past week, I have submitted my diet to my Master's control.  It's been a challenging, enlightening, and very successful week.

Here are the instructions I received from Master last Sunday.

In the past few weeks you have greatly increased your sexuality and sensuality. This pleases me greatly as you are vibrant, horny, and adventurous! But I feel your horizons and experiences are limited by your current weight. Limiting you in many ways: physically, mentally, emotionally. Your weight is preventing you from fully being the sexual and sensual creature we both desire. Now is the time to achieve that which we desire. As your Master, I will guide you on this journey. The attached spreadsheet contains instructions and a worksheet for tracking your progress for the next week. Great effort and determination will please me and bring you rewards. Lax effort with little progress will displease me and likely result in punishments.

I love you, Pet! And I am here for you.


The spreadsheet was set up with a food journal, a place to track water, and an exercise log.

Master really put a lot of effort into his plan.

To summarize, I was to eat 1200 calories per day, exercise 4 times during the week for at least 30 minutes, and drink 96 oz of water daily.

So do you want to know how it went?

Well it's Saturday evening and I've lost 5 pounds.  Was it fun?  No, not exactly, but it was certainly doable because I wanted more than anything to have Master be proud of my accomplishment. 

I did have some mixed emotions to work through as I embraced this new submission area.  A couple of months ago, Peter and I completed a survey on what we liked, didn't like, hard limits, etc.  One of the topics was food control.  At that time, I said controlling my food was a hard limit.  I didn't like the idea of having my food ordered for me like I was a child, or being tied in the basement and getting fed when someone else decided it was time (not like Master would ever do that).  But, now here I am just a few short months later, giving Master control of my diet.  Somehow this makes sense.  I don't have the discipline to do the things I should, but doing it for Master makes me want to.

The other evening, Master and I were discussing my dietary submission, and we decided it was very intimate; that it was bringing us to another area of deeper connection - there aren't very many things more basic or primal than eating (besides maybe sex).

As I near the end of my first week on my Master's diet, I see him sitting next to me working on next week's plan.  If the opposite of love is indifference, then I know my Master loves me by how much time and effort he is putting into my diet.

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