Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I didn't get a journal entry done yesterday because my middle schooler had a project due today and we were up until 2:00 in the morning finishing it.  The things parents will do is sometimes astounding.

Any way, yesterday, I should have logged the orgasm I had the night before.  I'm going to include it in today's entry.

In Monday's entry, you may recall, Master had been sending me bondage pictures all day which eventually led me to beg for some bondage play of my own.  Master set the stage and texted me a picture of our room all set for the scene.

So here's how it went down.  We have a very high-poster bed that Master used to suspend a spreader bar above the foot of the bed.  I was positioned on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed and my feet up in the air, spread apart and attached to the spreader bar.  My arms were fastened outstretched to the sides of the bed and at shoulder height.  To complete the ensemble I was fitted with a blindfold. a 2 inch dildo gag secured in my mouth (this is so my middle schooler doesn't come to the door and ask if Mom is alright again - heee heee), and a pair of nipple sucker cylinders.

Once I was secured, Master began dragging a feather over my entire body and only occasionally touching my clit.  This felt really nice, but just as I was settling in to enjoy the sensation, Master switched to a riding crop; smacking my tender clit several times.  With my legs suspended and spread, I couldn't easily shift away from the torment.  He continued slapping my clit and occasionally slapped my nipples too.  Then when I couldn't take the pain any more, he switched to the flogger.  That doesn't hurt as much. Master has evolved his technique so the lashes of the flogger drag across my clit and pussy and it feels very intense, but pleasurable.

Now for the almost best part - we recently purchased a Wartenberg Pinwheel (a stainless steel wheel, which has evenly-spaced radiating sharp pins and rotates as it is rolled across the flesh).  Master began running it over my arms, legs and chest.  The pins are very sharp, but the sensation is not really that painful; that is until he ran it across my nipples (ouch!!!!)  Those little pins felt like needles going into my nipples' sensitive tissue.  Then he moved to my clit and I was quite frankly dreading that after how it felt on my nipples, so I was surprised when I realized it actually felt good - really good.  I think Master was surprised too.  I'm pretty sure I could have had an orgasm with just the stimulation from the wheel, but of course that would have been too quick for my Master's preferences.

After he tired of teasing me with the Wartenberg, he lubed up a dildo and pushed it into my cunt.  Oh man, by this point, I was very aroused.  Then using a Hitachi wand on my clit, he pumped the dildo in and out of my pulsing twat.  Another skill that Master is evolving with positive results is edging.  He brought me to the edge of climax and stopped dead.  I've never been more frustrated.  If he'd gone just a millisecond longer, I'd have gone off like a rocket.  Master edged me one more time, stopped, and then let me go all the way on the third upward spiral.  It was a full-body orgasm, I could feel every muscle in my body clenching as I perched at the top of my arousal before everything went off like a blinding light.  Wow!

Random Thoughts

1.  One of Master's rules is that if he adjusts an item of clothing, I cannot readjust.  For example, if he unbuttons my blouse to reveal more cleavage, I have to leave it like that.  Today, we were sitting on the couch and he asked me to take off my bra so he could reach over for a titty squeeze whenever he felt like it.  A little later, it was time to out for some lunch, so I put my bra back on.  After lunch, Master noticed I was wearing my bra.  Uh Oh!  As a punishment, he made me take off my shirt and bra until the kids come home.  Then he decided that wasn't enough and made me strip completely.  Of course that led to a lot of titty squeezes and fondling as you can imagine.....

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