Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In need of After Care

My other two items of punishment came in the mail today; a round paddle (fur-lined on one side) and a riding crop with a feather on the other end.  Of course Master wanted to try them out.  I was particularly psyched about the riding crop because I wanted my clit targeted for punishment and the flogger from last night just couldn't quite deliver the intensity I wanted.

Master, very wisely, bound me spread-eagle to the bed with a spreader bar between my legs before he started on me with the crop.  It really stung depending on how much "snap" he put on the stroke.  I could only take it for a little bit before I started squirming and trying to pull my legs together.  Master would then switch to the feather end.  Once I settled down, he would go back to the crop.  The mixture of pain and tickle was very intense.  I was very aroused, but not enough to orgasm.

After what seemed like a prolonged period of experiencing alternating ends of the crop, Master stuffed my pussy with my favorite dildo and continued smacking my clit with the crop.  I still couldn't quite cum which was a good thing because Master hadn't given me permission (I got four smacks with the paddle for cum'ing without permission from the night before).  Every time I asked Master if I could cum, I would lose my concentration - very frustrating.

Finally, Master had mercy on me and stimulated my clit with the Hitachi wand.  The build up was long, slow and muscle clenching, but I finally had my orgasm.  Then, Master completely overwhelmed me by shoving the dildo in my cunt rapidly while still using the wand.  The feeling was so intense, I begged him to stop.

Finally he did stop and a  very strange and unexpected thing happened. I started sobbing uncontrollably.  I felt swamped emotionally.  I think I was so pumped with endorphins and when the scene was over, the plummet was more than I could deal with.

As always, Master was prepared for this to happen (he is more knowledgeable on these things than I am).  He unbound me, gathered me to his chest and held me while I sobbed.  He soothed me with the feather end of the crop and caressed me until I regained my composure.

I have never experienced anything like that before.

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