Friday, May 17, 2013

Hog Tied

This afternoon, I took a nap. By the end of the week, I'm usually in need of regenerative sleep after running on the edge all week long.   When Master thought I had rested enough, he came over the house intercom to wake me up.  Feeling somewhat playful, I told him to come get me up.  He said if he had to come get me up, it would involve a spanking.  Hmmmm, what to do????  I decided to stay quiet and wait for him to come up.  When he got there, Master rolled me to my stomach and smacked my naked ass a couple of times.  Turns out, I had woken up from my nap quite horny.  I'm not sure why,  but that spanking added to the fire.  Seeing my arousal, Master decided it was time to play. Whoo Hooo!

Master instructed me to roll to my stomach and put my hands behind my back.  He fastened them there and then pushed my legs together.  I'm thinking, legs together?  Where's this going?  Next he fastened my ankles together and ran a strap from my ankles to my hands.  Then he pulled the strap tight so my feet were pulled up towards my hands - hog tied!

Now I was really wondering where this was going.  Then I heard the vibrating sounds from the Hitachi wand. Master rolled me to my back and stimulated my clit quite pleasurably until I was good and ready.  Master then rolled me to my stomach - incidently, it's not easy to roll when you are hog tied.  He placed the wand on the bed between my legs just in reach of my clit.  If I wiggled around, I could temporarily get the head of wand into the right place, but it wouldn't stay put, so I had to keep squirming to get it back into position.  Very frustrating - even more than when Master edges me.  This went on until I was nearly exhausted, before I finally got the wand wedged so that it couldn't move and achieved a very hard sought orgasm.

After it was over, Master said he had to try very hard to not laugh at my frenzied gyrations.

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