Thursday, May 23, 2013

Clothes Shopping with a Twist

Peter and I have been married for quite a while and during that time have not just a few tiffs on spending money.  In my newly submissive state, I've yielded purchase decisions to Master.  This is a big deal for me to submit in this area.  To control the money is to control the power.   I make good money and would be perfectly justified in making reasonable purchases without discussion and even when I was a stay-at-home mom, I felt as an equal partner in the marriage, I could make purchases at my own discretion.  However, sometimes I over spent what Peter thought was reasonable and the power struggles would begin.

Today, something happened that was novel for Master and for me.  At  lunch, I went clothes shopping.  I hadn’t planned to do that, so Master and I had not discussed it.  After I tried on some things, there was a dress (and shoes of course) and a low-cut blouse (Master has been encouraging me to show more cleavage) that I wanted to get.  So, I snapped a picture of the dress and another of me in the blouse, then sent them to Master for purchase approval. 

He approved the purchase but with a catch.  I had to go back into the dressing room, take a picture of my breasts and send it to him.  Always looking to please Master, I did as asked.   The more I follow Master’s commands, the easier it is to do his bidding.  I barely batted an eyelash at this request.

This evening, Master commented on what a unique experience it was to get a request from me prior to making a purchase.  Used to be I would just show up with stuff and he would get angry.  This time he was pleased to be asked and I enjoyed the opportunity to submit.  No anger.  No fighting.  I’m still amazed at how D/s has improved our relationship.  It’s peaceful and I feel contented. And I got the new clothes!

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