Monday, May 6, 2013

Can Submission Help Me Lose Weight and Keep it Off?

I've had a weight problem ever since I can remember.  I have a long history of gaining and losing weight.  I've taken a stab at pretty much every diet type out there - Weight Watchers, South Beach, Weigh Down, Quick Weight Loss, counting calories/exercise.  I've lost weight on all these diets and turned around and gained it all back plus some each time.  From the evidence, I have to conclude I'm the problem, not the diet.

So why don't I have the discipline to control what I eat?  When I get into the diet groove, I have amazing will power.  I can turn down brownies, cookies, eat salad at every meal, reduce my carbs - whatever the diet requires.  Four years ago, I lost 60+ pounds.  Now, I've gained all but 15 of the pounds back.  What happens that I can't maintain a healthy eating style?  It's like it's all or nothing.

As I explored BDSM posts online, I noticed a theme around weight loss and how Doms were helping their subs lose weight.  I was intrigued.  Could my journey into submission also help me with what has been weakness my whole life? 

I really want to be healthy and active.  I want to have the stamina and flexibility to hold sex positions longer and to be able to do positions that I can't today.  Of course Peter is all in favor of that!

I started to talking to Peter about taking over my eating.  He wasn't so sure about it.  In fact, he was quite gun shy of the idea.  He has been burned a couple times over the years for commenting on my weight.  To be clear, Peter has always been great about my weight.  I'm lucky that he is the type of guy who loves his fat wife, but I know he would enjoy me looking better, feeling more alluring, and having even more active sex.  His comments were always couched in terms of me getting healthy and enjoying life.  My response was to be hurt or angry.

If submitting to Peter's control could break this cycle, I wanted to explore it further.  I began begging my Master to do this for me - for us.

Finally he agreed and here's what he outlined for me:

1.  96 oz of water daily
2.  1200 calories daily
3.  4 days per week minimum exercise (30 minutes min)
4.  Log all food intake

And of course in support of his Dominance, there will be punishment for failure and reward for success.

When I first read what Master was requiring, I was a little put out.  It wasn't how I would have set it up.  I know, it was a funny response after I begged and begged for him to do it, but hey, I'm still pretty new to this submissive stuff.   I had to get my head in the right place - a submissive place.  Once I accepted my submission surrounding food, I was able to focus on how it would please Master.  I feel such a peace now that this is not in my control any more.  It's not optional!

I'll post more on this as more time goes by under my Master's control.

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