Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bound to Masturbate

I spent some time last evening reading a spicy romance novel (though with completely vanilla sex) and got myself all wound up.  Thankfully, Master has been pleased with my weight loss efforts and he was feeling generous, so an orgasm was authorized.  As an aside, I was surprised that I could still get aroused at vanilla sex. I’ve mostly been reading D/s stuff lately.

So, on to the run down of my orgasm.  Some of the pictures Master sexted to me last week were of ladies bound with their hands just in reach of their pussies and they were trying to masturbate with dildos.  Master decided this looked like something he might enjoy watching.  He bound my ankles together and put a strap around each thigh.  My wrists were bound and connected to the thigh straps.  Master then raised his eyebrow, handed me my seahorse dildo/vibrator (it’s a dildo and seahorse-shaped clit stimulator with multi/variable speed vibration and as an added bonus, the dildo can do a little gyrate thing), and gave me a nod to proceed.   The seahorse actually works pretty well and it wasn't long before I was panting and moaning.  Master reminded I was not allowed to cum (good thing because I tend to forget in the heat of the moment).  He told me to keep myself right on the edge.  I had to keep removing the dildo from my cunt to keep everything under control.  Finally, Master asked me I was ready and of course I said yes.  I let the little seahorse go to town as I pumped the dildo in and out of my deliciously slick pussy with great results as my self-induced orgasm rocked me from head to toe.

Master said that he enjoyed watching the proceedings.

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