Monday, May 20, 2013

A Sub Says Thanks

To my Master

I agreed to be your submissive just over a month ago.  I’ve been your wife for much longer than that.  I want to say thank you for taking control of my weight loss.  When I agreed to be your sub, I immediately felt a strong desire to better myself for you; a desire that I’m sorry to say wasn’t there as your wife.  I threw myself into a weight loss program right away.  First week, I lost 4.6 pounds.  Second week, I lost 2 pounds.  But the third week, I only lost .6 pounds.  As I began exploring what it means to be a sub, I discovered several kindred spirits who were losing weight with the help of their Masters.  I asked you to help me.  You were understandably reluctant given the pissy attitude I gave you any time you suggested I might be happier if I lost some weight. 

When my third week of self-managed weight loss didn’t yield much results, you decided to take control which incidently is what you do best.   Thus was born the Master’s Diet.  My results have been very satisfying and I actually enjoy losing weight for you.  In two weeks I am down an additional 10.8 pounds.  The act of submitting myself to you and losing the weight for your approval is a heady combination.  I love your smile when I’ve pleased you.  I’d do anything you ask just to get that feeling.

I’m grateful for your dominance and I lay myself at your feet in adoration.

Your submissive

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