Saturday, April 27, 2013


Since I've been claimed by my Master, I had been wanting an outward, visible reminder that I am his.  I wanted to either be marked in some way or given something to wear that would show my submission.

Yesterday, my Master gave me a gift - an eternity anklet.  It's an oval shaped anklet made of Titanium and it can't be removed except with a special key once its put on.  I like the look and feel of it as I move around.  It's a constant reminder of my Master and his control of me.  It's also sexy.  I keep looking at it.  It's beautifully made - though Master thinks it looks like it came from a prison supply store.

The funny thing about all this is last night I made an entry in my journal about an anklet being a good substitute for a collar and now today Master gives me an anklet that he ordered days ago.  How does he always know what I'm going to think before I even think it?

I've enjoyed wearing it over the weekend, but am starting to contemplate what it will be like to wear it to work.  I always wear pants to work, so probably no one will see it.  I think I would be embarrassed if they did since it is not the typical jewelry the person they think I am would wear.

Soon it will be warm enough to wear shorts and I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about that.  My friends and the parents of my kids' friends may think it's kind of strange.  I'm still sensitive to what others might think about me.

I did have to tell Master, that I cannot wear the anklet when I'm around my mother.  That is a hard limit for me.  She just wouldn't understand.  She would be calling for Master's head on a platter and insisting that something is seriously wrong with me.  I'd just as soon avoid that confrontation if I can.

Who would think a simple anklet could raise so many thoughts and worries.  I'd like to just bask in the joy of belonging to my Master and that he values me enough to mark me as his own.

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